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Ozone House: Interactive Story

Ozone House Interactive Story

Ozone House is a community-based, nonprofit agency that helps young people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services.  

I've teamed up with them to produce a simulation or serious game that will help people who visit their site get a better idea of the tough decisions some young people have to make every day.  The goal is to have an interactive story that engage users and establishes empathy.  We want to go beyond just acknowledgement of these difficulties and get people to truly understand.

I'm leading a team of classmates - designers and developers to help me with this project.  We've brainstormed, done research and have recently presented our design prototype. We're currently building the project, so pictures will be up as soon as it goes live. Contact me if you'd like to see them sooner.

The Process


  • Understanding the users
    • The overall goal of the simulation is to create an interactive environment where users can develop deep understanding of at-risk youth. These users are primarily potential volunteers and donors.
  • Developing Empathy
    • In order to help users develop empathy, it was imperative that we also gained that understanding. We met with Ozone House to talk about the challenges that at-risk youth face every day. Using decision trees, we set the different paths for the story based on the scenarios.


  • Sketching -> Brainstorming -> Sketching -> Brainstorming ->Sketching
    • I thought the best way to start was for everyone to do individual sketching, getting their ideas out on paper. From there, we met to have a discussion around our ideas and have a group sketching session. We then split up to sketch individually again, building off of our group work. A final meeting set our path forward for our design.
  • Wireframe I
    • After all of our sketching, we build a low-fi wireframe of our simulation. The main goal was to set the interaction design and make sure that the flow enhanced users abilities navigate and helped promote empathy.
  • Wireframe II
    • A medium-fi prototype where we added the interactivity and began to think about aesthetics.
  • Final Wireframe
    • A final prototype that we used for our presentation to Ozone House. Feedback from this point forward goes directly into the code.