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U of M Non Profit Center

U of M NPM UX Research

Client: University of Michigan Nonprofit and Public Management Center

Contribution:  UX Research

Deliverables: Interviews, Personas & Scenarios, Comparative Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation

The University of Michigan Nonprofit and Public Management Center attempts to connect students and community members with the skills and experience necessary to run effective nonprofit and public organizations.  They had planned to revamp their website, and asked my team to help them ensure that it would meet the needs of their various user bases.  For example, they serve all of U of M, but are primarily focused with the Ross School of Business, the Ford School of Public Policy, and the School of Social Work, as well as the Ann Arbor area community. 

To solve this issue, we analyzed their current site and conducted user studies.  Our research revealed that the most pressing issue was poor usability and information architecture of the current site.  We directed our recommendations, not just to improve on these issues, but to also address the different needs of their users.  In our report, available below, we outline ways in which the Nonprofit Center can organize their information for all of their users.

 Download the report