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Client: Financial Company

Contribution:  Information Architecture, UX Design

Deliverables: sketches, wireframes

Note: This project is still ongoing.  When it goes live, I will be able to disclose more details and post images. Until then, please contact me if you would like to know more. 

At Enlighten, my team was tasked with a complete redesign of the financial advisors site. Our goal was to rearchitect the site to better meet the particular needs of financial professionals. We wanted to make that more useful information was easier to access while still retaining key features and functionality. Interviews and comparative analysis revealed that there were several similar, but distinct user groups for whom we needed to design.

Initial brainstorming sessions gave way to sketching sessions. We had multiple sketches to represent different ideas and approaches to each page. From the sketches, I made wireframes of the site, and iterated multiple times, working toward the best solution.