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Wild Swan Design Jam

Wild Swan Design Jam

Client: Wild Swan Theater

Contribution:  Information Architecture, UX Design

Deliverables: sketches 


A design jam is like a mini UX hackathon.  We squeeze as much research and design as possible into a 1-2 hour window.  It can be exhausting, but it's a lot of fun.  For more on design jams, read my blog post.

This is what the original site looks like.  We were tasked with coming up with a new site design proposal that was more modern and included certain features such as a rotating picture modal.  We also needed to incorporate information relevant to the different services they provided and different users they expected (parents and educators, primarily).  The main thing my team noticed was that the site navigation was confusing, and it was difficult to determine where to go to get the information you wanted. 


This was our original mockup idea.  Nothing too fancy, but we did want to make sure we addressed the navigation and architecture issues we discovered.  We found that it was difficult to incorporate all of our ideas and to determine which ones we were going to keep in the 90 minutes we had to work on it. 


This was our second mockup for our short presentation.  Not too much changed from the original design, just trying to make it a little bit simpler and cleaner.  What made this process so exciting, and challenging, is that we only had a couple of hours to work on it.   It really forces you to make decisions faster and not fall in love with anything.  For more thoughts, see my blog post about the design jam.