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U of M AIS

U of M AIS

Client: University of Michigan Application and Information Services

Contribution: Contextual Inquiry Research 

Deliverables: interviews, models, affinity diagram, report

Contextual inquiry consists of understanding, in detail, user processes, how they work, and why they do things the way they do through observing them as they work, and talking with them about their work habits.

With this project my team worked with Application and Information Services (AIS), a division of University of Michigan Information and Technology Services, who plans, builds, and runs campus-wide systems.  We were tasked with investigating the flow of information between management and the rest of the organization to determine if there were any inefficiencies or breakdowns, and to make recommendations based on our findings.

We began by interviewing key stakeholders in this process, both individuals from the management team and from various other areas in the organization.  After each interview we had an interpretation session to unload the information we obtained, and to create models that better visualize certain areas such as artifacts, communication, and culture.  We consolidated the models into a single model for each type, such as the consolidated cultural model below (draft version, see attached report for final).   

consolidated cultural model.jpg

We then began the affinity diagramming process to facilitate the finding of high level trends and themes.  The notes were organized into an affinity wall, which helped us create design ideas for improvements.  These design ideas became the basis of our recommendations.


affinity wall group.png

For more, please view the final report, or, for a quicker look, our presentation slides.

   Final Report

Final Presentation